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infinite hiatus

i don't know how long it'll be, but right now i just need a break.
i'm going to focus on my writing right now, in my last journal. i tried to combine the two, and they didn't really click, because i didn't really know who to keep on my flist. so i created a new journal, and chose graphics instead. let's say, that i want to re-wind that. i created my livejournal for two reasons;

1) so that i'll have something none of my other friends could have, it was like my secret obsession.
2) i could be anyone i wanted to be and nobody would find out.

i deeply appreciate the good times my flist and i shared, and i'll always cherish them. but now i guess that smart thing right now would be giving all that a break. i'm going to actually write now, GASP. been a long time, folks. i'm sure i'll see all your lovely faces in the future, successful as ever. i'm sad that i'm leaving all this behind, it's been a great ride here on livejournal.

take care,
maya ♥

banner by laura @ bougeoir
cause, i'm completely in love with her new post and it's all sexxyy and shit.

i want honesty, here.

i don't know. maybe it's just me, but i always have a feeling that everyone's really bitching about me behind my back. whenever i read or hear about rants, i always feel as if they're constantly directed towards me. am i really pissing people off that much? am i really doing all the wrong things? i don't know. that's why i want you all to tell me. maybe it's my incredible insecurity, or maybe i'm just imagining things but i can't stop myself from letting myself get affected by this. i know it sounds to pathetic, but i'm sick and tired of people cheating and lying to me. i've gone through countless relationships where people have used, cheated and lied to me. and i'm sick. fucking sick and tired of it. i want to know the truth, no matter how much it hurts. so please, everyone. comment here with what you really think of me, don't lie. call me whatever. a poser. a whore. a hypocrite. a loser. a bitch. whatever, just write down what you really think.